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What is Kid-ness?

At Camp Quality we are inspired by kids. The way they live, love and laugh. Their joy for being in the world. We call it Kid-ness. 

Kid-ness is being in the moment.

Kid-ness is giving to others with all your heart.

Kid-ness is boundless curiosity and enthusiasm.

Kid-ness is finding the fun and laughter even in the hardest of times.

Camp Quality is here to ensure the power of Kid-ness thrives in everyone!

Camp Quality brings Kid-ness back to kids and families who are impacted by cancer, by giving them opportunities to have fun, connect and enjoy life again. We believe laughter is the best medicine to help kids not only cope, but thrive.

In the lead up to the festive season we also share the simple acts that kids and adults can do to bring families together, enjoy the moment and give to others with our Acts of Kid-ness Advent Calendars. Express your interest for 2018 here.

Let your Kid-ness thrive!

Ollie and Gabe's story: the ultimate Act of Kid-ness

Ollie was facing a rare form of leukemia and had lost interest in everything. His two options were more aggressive treatment or a bone marrow transplant. Then his older brother Gabe gave him the ultimate gift.

Watch Ollie and Gabe's story to the left, or read more about their story here


Kid-ness is...