The Camp Quality Puppets are on Zoom!
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The Camp Quality Puppets are on Zoom!

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

The Camp Quality Puppets are on Zoom!

Lockdowns didn't stop the Camp Quality Puppets from giving life changing cancer education this year!

The Puppets have brought their Cancer Education Program online to Zoom, performing interactive shows to schools in lockdown or who have restrictions on visitors. They are determined to help kids impacted by cancer get the support they need at school and are returning to in person shows wherever possible. 

Camp Quality’s Cancer Education Program is an incredibly valuable resource for kids impacted by cancer. Whether they are returning to school after their own cancer treatment or are impacted by the diagnosis of a sibling or parent, the fun and interactive educational Puppet Show helps dispel harmful myths about cancer, and is proven to reduce need for mental health support services (KPMG 2020). 

As COVID-19 plunged several states back into lengthy lockdowns in 2021 the Cancer Education Program quickly adapted the face-to-face performance of ‘Caring Friend’ to a digital show, delivering shows live on Zoom. Classrooms dialled in to watch Camp Quality Puppets Kylie and Mel share their story of Kylie’s return to school following her cancer treatment with amazing feedback from schools.

Primary school teacher Julia says her students loved the show.

“The puppeteers delivered such an energetic and engaging online puppet show to our F-2 students that you could almost think they were in the classroom with us. Even though the puppets and puppeteers couldn’t be with us in person, the students got so much out of the puppet show, and I loved watching them all grin and laugh at the jokes and funny moments throughout. Thank you!” 

With schools in NSW and VIC now returning with restrictions on visitors and gathering, it is just as important as ever that the Camp Quality Puppets can reach kids facing cancer in schools. Virtual shows will continue for as long as they are needed.

The performances are still interactive as our highly skilled puppeteers and facilitators engage with the students throughout the entire show, including a Q&A session.

Kindergarten Teacher Nesrine was surprised at how well the show worked,

“The show was absolutely amazing. The kids were engaged the whole time and they even laughed at your jokes.  The show tied in really well with our social story and helped the children to make the connection.

The Camp Quality Puppets can’t wait until they are performing live in schools around Australia, but until then, they will continue to deliver shows online as needed so that no one misses out.


Want to help the Camp Quality Puppets share cancer education in schools to those who need it most? 


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