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Huskisson Family Camp a HIT

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Huskisson Family Camp a HIT

Camp Quality programs are in full swing! Want to hear about the latest Family Camp in Huskisson?

Not even the rain could put a damper on the spirits at the Huskisson Family Camp where 10 families enjoyed a much-needed break from cancer.

Page, Phoebe and Phoebe

Sisters Paige and Phoebe met a new friend whose name is also Phoebe! The girls were excited to be staying in neighboring cabins.

Eli and Volunteer Gabrielle

Parents were given a much-needed break while volunteers helped look after kids, playing games and having the best time. Volunteer Gabrielle was excited to give back on her first ever camp as a volunteer. Growing up, she faced her brother’s cancer diagnosis which meant the only holidays her family were able to take together were Camp Quality Family Camps. She understands how vital it is for the families to have a break from cancer.

Charli, Chloe and family

Charli celebrated the end of intensive intravenous chemotherapy with her family and new friends. Charli’s mum says,

“Charli and her sister Chloe made some beautiful friends, and it was lovely to have quality time with them away from hospital and the crazy day-to-day juggle we've become accustomed to at home.” 

Despite the gloomy weather, families enjoyed time at the pool, going to the cinema, making new friends, and eating lots of good food. The break let families reconnect and make new memories not centered on a cancer diagnosis.

Every family facing cancer should get a break. Camp Quality needs help to ensure we can run enough camps for the 4,000 families currently registered for our services and programs. Will you help us give these families a much-needed break from cancer?


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