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‘Off the Menu’ brings a new type of fine dining to Brisbane

Monday, 25 November 2019

‘Off the Menu’ brings a new type of fine dining to Brisbane

On the 1st of November, the popular "Off the Menu" event was launched for the first time in Brisbane following huge successes in Melbourne and Adelaide.

The scrumptious six course degustation dinner was a unique and immersive dining experience with the chefs providing personalised service to the tables. ‘Off the Menu’ is a fundraising event which combines fine dining with exclusivity for a truly immersive experience. The launch in Brisbane represented an adaption of the original the ‘Off the Menu’ concept to a brand-new market with Matthew Butcher, chef and founder of ‘Off the Menu’ launching his vision to expand Off the Menu into every state in 2020. 

The attendees were dressed fabulously and embraced the 'Alice in Wonderland' theme which was also incorporated into the whimsical menu. Dishes included 'The White Rabbit’s Garfish Pie', 'The Cheshire Cat’s Violet Treat' and 'All in The Golden Afternoon'.

Along with the positively scrumptious food, there was an auction with items from memorabilia to adrenaline packages being sold to raise money for kids facing cancer. Overall a total of $41,000 was raised making it a fun and successful night. 

A huge thankyou to the Chefs, attendees and donors who generously contributed to Camp Quality's mission of changing the cancer story for kids and their families.

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