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2016 Dick Gillard TAS Winner Announced

Thursday, 28 April 2016

2016 Dick Gillard TAS Winner Announced

It's National Volunteer Week, and the winner of the prestigious Dick Gillard TAS Volunteer of the Year Award has been announced! This year's winner is the vivacious Dana Bailly, and here's what the Camp Quality TAS office had to say about her:

"Dana’s can-do attitude shines brightly in Tasmania! Dana gets involved in all aspects of volunteering, from being a volunteer Leadership Committee member on camps, to hosting a Dine at Mine or organising a table at a trivia nights to raise much needed funds.

Dana’s leadership is through actions, rather than words, she is often the first to step up to help, and is incredibly humble at the same time. Dana’s ability to lead a group through her positive approach and by example is unrivalled, and we’re lucky to call her our 2016 Tasmanian Dick Gillard Volunteer of the Year."

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of kids living with cancer, just like Dana? Apply today to join Camp Quality's Volunteer Family!

Volunteering with Camp Quality is an experience like no other! Volunteers are the heart of Camp Quality, and without their tremendous support, we wouldn't be able to run our essential programs and services. That's why we love and respect each and every one of them, and are committed to creating the greatest volunteering experiences possible.

If you've ever thought about volunteering, now's the time to get on it - join our Volunteer Family today!

We're celebrating volunteering excellence in every state, as well as nationally! Take a look at the other winners of the Dick Gillard Volunteer of the Year Award:


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