Camp Quality Puppets visit King Island
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Camp Quality Puppets visit King Island

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Camp Quality Puppets visit King Island

For the first time ever, Camp Quality's essential Primary School Education Program has visited King Island!

Thanks to REX Airlines' generously donating flights and freight, Camp Quality has beeen able to reach the community on King Island. The program consisted of a series of puppet shows that helped dispel myths and misconception that are commonly associated with cancer. The shows come at no cost to schools, parents. or students and instead relies on independent fundraising and the generosity of businesses.

About the Primary School Education Program

The touring puppet show for primary schools answers difficult questions kids have about cancer. Often the effects of cancer can be confronting for young kids - when children return to school they often look very different as a result of the side effects from their treatment. This needs to be explained so kids know what the child has been through and why it’s important to support them.

Importantly, the puppets teach students that cancer is not contagious. The show encourages kids to be supportive of their classmate who has a mum, dad, brother or sister living with cancer - or who has cancer themselves, and reduces the likelihood of bullying, exclusion, confusion or anxiety.

There are three shows to cater for different age groups: pre-school, junior primary and upper primary so we relate to kids in their own language and themes relevant to their age.

Most importantly, the shows are jam-packed with fun, laughter, and positivity!

Pre and Primary schools across Australia can book the puppet tour, for free! You can also contact one of Camp Quality's Primary School Program Coordinators on 1300 662 267 or send them an email about your child's school.

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