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Hero Hunter - Battling cancer like a superhero

Monday, 8 July 2019

Hero Hunter - Battling cancer like a superhero

Hunter is one of our Camp Quality kids who, when he was only 3, received the terrifying diagnosis of high risk ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). He was admitted to the Oncology ward at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth, Western Australia where he underwent chemotherapy. Despite the intiial battle, he sadly relapsed last year and had to have further chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy.

If that weren't enough trauma, he recently had a stem cell transplant, being in isolation for 8 weeks. But throughout the pain, his wonderful parents spent night after night at the hospital and doing shifts, so he was never left alone.

His godmother, Sarah Stanly has even written a book called 'Hero Hunter and the Wonky White Cells' as a gift to Hunter when he was diagnosed. She hopes it will help make it easier for other children to understand the daily ups and downs of cancer.

Thankfully, he is now back home with his beloved family who have all shown immense strength throughout his cancer journey.

We are thrilled that both Hunter and his brother Zac will be joining Camp Quality for their first Mini Camp together.

Hunter is our ‘own little hero’ here at Camp Quality - being so brave and always managing to smile and laugh with our puppets despite feeling so desperately unwell.




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