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Away from it all

Family Fun Days

Family Fun Days are free, one-day recreational events for families, which provide a break from the stresses of cancer. They are an opportunity to do something memorable together with other families facing cancer, which they may otherwise be unable to afford or organise. Volunteers provide a safe, supportive environment. Over 11,000 kids and almost 4,800 families have attended more than 1,000 Family Fun Days in the past five years.

Family Experiences

Camp Quality shares tickets to events, games, shows or experiences with our families free of charge. This gives them an opportunity to be together and create fun-filled memories. Almost 21,000 kids and nearly 9,500 families have reconnected on over 1,000 Family Experiences in the past five years. 

Family Camps

Family Camps bring Camp Quality families together to reconnect with each other and share the ongoing experiences they face with others who are in a similar situation. It is an opportunity to relax, make lifelong friendships and have experiences not centred on sickness – often for the first time since a diagnosis. The presence of medical volunteers mean kids are always safe and parents can relax. Almost 4,500 kids facing cancer from over 1,900 families attended one of nearly 200 Family Camps in the past five years.  

Kids' Camps

Kids' Camps give children 4-13 years old facing cancer the chance to just be kids again. Children get to experience time away from their parents that is filled with new adventures, friends who understand, and fun and optimism, to help them build resilience and life skills. The presence of medical volunteers mean kids are always safe and parents can relax. Each child has a dedicated volunteer Camp Companion to ensure they are supported to have the best time. Over 4,700 kids facing cancer attended over 140 Kids' Camps across Australia in the past five years. 


Camp Quality Retreats give families dealing with the impact of a child or parent's cancer a holiday together. Our retreats are located at Salamander Bay (NSW), Warrnambool (VIC), BIG4 Park Beach Holiday Park located in NSW (Coffs Harbour) and West Beach Caravan Park (SA). A retreat is a chance to relax, unwind and make precious positive memories, particularly during palliative care and in the heartbreaking case of bereavement. Almost 500 families had a break from cancer at one of our respite facilities, including palliative care at Salamander Bay, NSW, in the past five years. 



Kids Impacted by a Carer's (KICC) Camps

Camp Quality has recognised the need for a new program that supports children facing a parent's diagnosis. These camps allow kids to make friendships with others in a similar situation and have a break from what can be a frightening reality. 

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Camp Quality requires all participants, volunteers and suppliers, over the age of 16, to be fully vaccinated prior to attending a Camp Quality camp or in person event.

Our policies are developed in line with government health department recommendations to ensure we are prioritising the safety and health of all participants, particularly those diagnosed with or undergoing treatment for cancer.