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Kids Impacted by a Carer’s Cancer (KICC)

Supporting Kids Impacted by a Carer’s Cancer (KICC)

When a child has a parent or carer who is diagnosed with cancer, they can miss out on the simple fun of childhood. At Camp Quality we have identified the need to support these children.  

We believe all kids facing cancer should have the chance to be kids again

Camp Quality is there for children (0-15 years) dealing with a parent’s or carer’s cancer diagnosis with our Kids Impacted by a Carer’s Cancer (KICC) Program. 

Our free KICC services and programs provide fun experiences, opportunities to reconnect, education, counselling and a supportive community at every stage of the cancer experience.

A break from cancer is vital for kids impacted by a caregiver’s diagnosis 

KICC Kids’ Camps give children aged 7-13 the opportunity to make friends who are in a similar situation, have a break from what can be a frightening reality, and have some fun. Meanwhile, these camps give parents a breather from worrying about how their child is coping. The camp experience is also available when a child tragically loses a parent or carer to cancer.

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Fun and support for the whole family

KICC Family Camps give families impacted by the diagnosis of a parent or carer time to reconnect and share the ongoing experiences they face with other families. Volunteers give parents the chance to relax – often for the first time since their diagnosis. 

KICC Family Fun Days are an opportunity to do something special together with other families facing cancer.

Family Experiences are the gifting of tickets to events, games, or shows to create memorable family time together. 

Camp Quality Retreats give families dealing with the most difficult stages of cancer a precious holiday. It is a chance to relax, unwind and make positive memories, particularly during palliative care and following bereavement. 

The benefits for kids and families

  • Camps provide a break from the challenges that come with cancer for kids and parents/primary caregivers
  • Camps provide distraction from regular stays in hospital and provide a chance for families to momentarily forget about cancer
  • Kids value the chance to do fun, exciting and different activities 
  • Kids are able to get back to just being kids and have a break from cancer. 
  • They are able to spend time with other kids who had similar experiences and backgrounds to them in an environment where they received plenty of support and encouragement

Source: Impact Study by KPMG, June 2021

Camp Quality support is 24/7 – anywhere, anytime

At Camp Quality we understand that cancer can be a very isolating experience. Therefore, our online services and programs connect kids and families to fun and support wherever they are. 

Our Parenting Through Cancer website enables parents and carers to connect in a supportive online community, and the free telephone counselling service is for parents and caregivers in need of professional advice and support. You can access it on 1800 945 215

Further online support is offered to Camp Quality KICC families through our educational Kids’ Guide to Cancer and New Normal Navigator apps, one-on-one Puppet Digital Playdates, interactive Virtual Camps and the Happiness Hub website, which is home to our kids’ activities and wellbeing content. 

No child should have to deal with cancer alone 

KICC kids at school are supported by our Primary School Cancer Education Program, presented by the much-loved Camp Quality Puppets. These interactive shows dispel myths, reduce bullying, and create a supportive community for any child impacted by cancer.  

It’s simple to join

Do you have a child 0-15 years old facing the cancer diagnosis of a mum, dad, or carer? You can register your family online today for free, or by calling the Camp Quality team on 1300 662 267.

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