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Kids' Camps

Camp Quality Kids' Camps

Camps offer kids dealing with cancer a vital break, and the experience of time away from their parents. They get the release of playing outside, mates to play with and glorious, grubby adventures. Each child has a dedicated Camp Companion to ensure they are supported to have the BEST time, and medical volunteers are on hand to ensure children’s health needs are always met.

Camp Quality runs Kids’ Camps in every state. Mini Camp (4–6 years old), Junior Camp (7-9 years old) and Middle Camp (10-12 years old). 

Mini Camp

Mini Camps are designed to give younger kids a taste of the camping life, without having to leave Mum and Dad for a night-time sleepover.

Full of fun, friends and raucous laughter, Mini Camps are packed with great activities for children aged four to six. 

Junior Camp

With fantastic activities to camp, play and learn, as well as make rad new friends, children aged seven to nine can cut loose at Junior Camp, which is designed specifically for kids their age. 


Middle Camp

Bursting with fun, as well as creative and challenging activities for older kids dealing with cancer, Middle Camp is designed for kids aged between 10 and 12. It is the perfect environment to experience the camping 'thing', learn some new skills and make new friends, after which they generally return home with increased confidence and better able to cope with the situation they face.